The #YoFirmo campaign (#I Sign up) arose from the opportunity that arose with the Spanish Olympic athletes to prepare a publicity spot for the Youth Employment Decade. It is based on raising awareness about the current youth employment situation.

It is based on the idea of comparing young Olympic athletes and young people from civil society, taking into account the barriers, the obstacles and the lack of opportunities that young people encounter in their lives.

The video was broadcast for almost two months at prime time and had a strong impact on society. Since then, we have followed in the trail left by the #YoFirmo campaign. Therefore, if you support youth employment and our initiative, we would like to encourage you to support this initiative through social networks.

#YoFirmo script:


  1. I sign up because young people deserve to shine
  2. I sign up because we all have goals and strive to achieve them
  3. I sign up because we should not fear failure
  4. I sign up because time is a stopwatch
  5. I sign up because we should take up the baton of our society
  6. I sign up because we must promote young blood
  7. I sign up because we should always have an alternative plan
  8. I sign up because each trial we overcome counts Everything counts!
  9. I sign up because if we want to go a long way, we need company
  10. I sign up because we are a value for society Trust us.
  11. I sign up because we deserve to take the leap
  12. I sign up because we must believe in ourselves
  13. I sign up to the International Campaign for the Proclamation of a Youth Decade.