Pegasus Project is a public private initiative launched in June 2013, from the civil society by Novia Salcedo Foundation, with an objective to generate an international movement of reflection, thought, debate and action, that provides ideas, content and solutions for the unemployment situation or the situation of no decent employment that millions of youths are experiencing in hundreds of places across the world.

Another objective is to use it as a tool to deploy the 8th Sustainable Development Goal : “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”.

To achieve this goal, different actions will take place concurrently over the campaign in three fields of activity:

Communication and awareness: To design and maintain a Campaign-specific website (, presence on social networks, organisation of events in society to present the campaign, management of communication with the media and promotion and dissemination of activities and achievements.

Creation of knowledge: To gain better knowledge of the local, regional and national realities on matters of youth employment (access, decent jobs, skills training, gender, public welfare, etc.) and public policies by means of an intense research task, good practices, universities, think tanks, experts, and organisations working with issues related to youth and employment.

Institutional relations: To establish the necessary institutional contacts and to define diffusion activities for the search and consolidation of social and political support to undertake all the activities of the Campaign: civil organisations, local, regional and national governments, political parties, unions, academic institutions, religious institutions, companies, international bodies.