The Advisory Committee is a group of public and private organisations and experts that works in the fields of youth, employment, education and Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, who advises Novia Salcedo Foundation in its role as vicepresident of the campaign.

  • To support and assess the defining of directions for acting.
  • To participate and asses the organisation of events and activities of the Campaign launch
  • To disseminate the Campaign and its objectives in its sphere of influence: networks, events, experts, entities, allied organisations, etc.
  • Participate in the creation of knowledge: reports, think tanks, good practices, etc.

Members: is the first and only Latin American platform advising first time job seekers between 16 and 30 in a personalized process totally free of charge. works with young job seekers along different axes: initial preparation to enter the labor market through employment related training (job orientation, résumé writing, job interview and job test training). has its own employment agency working with such leading firms as Unilever, McDonald’s, Microsoft and Motorola, among others. and Fundación Novia Salcedo share the same values and objectives related to youth. They empower young people, the present and future of all countries, and help them enter the labor market. No doubt work dignifies, and Tu and Fundación Novia Salcedo’s synergy works powerfully on the topic of youth employment

Fundación Escuela Andaluza de Economía SocialAndalusian School of Social Economy

The Andalusian School of Social Economy was created in 2002 by decision of the Confederation of Entities for the Social Economy in Andalusia (CEPES Andalusia) and of the Andalusian Federation of Work Cooperative Companies (FAECTA) because of the need to have a centre for permanent training and of reference in the field of Social Economy.

Throughout its existence, and in its commitment to help its environment, the School has supported collective entrepreneurship as a tool to improve the quality of life of people. This direction of work is currently more relevant than ever, in the stake of our School of Social Economy to act as “incubator of Social Economy enterprises”. The School shows a special awareness for youth issues, which is the reason for our on-going collaboration with the Novias Salcedo Foundation to promote the Youth Employment Decade and with the project Pegasus.

Another distinguishing feature of the Andalusian School of Social Economy, is the intense work it performs in Latin America, where, since 2007, it has been undertaking international cooperation projects for its development. The importance of the school in this continent is such that we have another technical office in San José (Costa Rica). In this region, we also perform services of business consulting for entities and cooperative ventures that require these services.

Antonio Aranzabal Foundation

The objective of the AA Fundación is to promote and maximise the development of entrepreneurs in the Basque Country. In order to do so, each year the Fundación grants help with training, study grants, awards and other types of incentives to support and to acknowledge Entrepreneurs, identifying them from their beginnings, supporting them through their education and training and finally, when their track record endorses it, recognize their achievements as Entrepreneurs of Family Companies. In our programs we collaborate with the University of Deusto and the University of Navarra.

The Foundation considers that collaborating with the Novia Salcedo Foundation complements its objectives, as it covers an aspect still not addressed, youth employment. As well as this, at the FAA we are very concerned about Youth Unemployment and we want to ‘do our bit’ to solve this problem in the present and for the future.

Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de CantabriaOfficial Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Cantabria

With over 125 years of history, the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria, as are the rest of the Spanish Commerce Chambers, is a Corporation governed by Public law whose main goal is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of commerce, industry and navigation, as well as provide companies with services. The Chambers function as well as an advisory and collaborative body with the Public Administration, acting as an intermediary Institution, the backbone behind the relationships developed between said Administrations and companies.

Since 1986 we manage training and employment programs where young people and entrepreneurs can participate, which has strengthened our commitment to youths over the last two decades, know their potential and notice their necessities and uncertainties in each circumstance. The offer to take part in the Advisory Committee for the International Campaign for the Youth Employment Decade is a gift that allows us to continue working with and for the youth of the region. We will provide our network of institutional and entrepreneurial institutions to disseminate the Campaign in Cantabria, as well as our work to generate proposals and knowledge to serve the Campaign.


Prospektiker is an affiliate of the LKS Group, which employs in the range of 800 people in the professional services sector and is integrated in Mondragon, the leading Basque business group and the seventh largest in Spain. It was established in 1987 as an independent think-tank and market survey-strategic study enterprise to cater for the public and private sectors. Our activity focuses on providing advice, forward-looking and strategic long-term planning and the management of innovation and knowledge. Market surveys, an essential activity of our company, are systematic participatory processes; they are the accumulation of forward-looking intelligence and the construction of medium and long-term visions aimed at decision-making and the implementation of joint actions.

We believe, as members of this business, that we can support the Pegasus project by improving knowledge on the current and future situation of youth employment, actively participating in the research, the generation of knowledge and the exchange of good practices in youth employment.

Prospektiker will contribute its networks and contacts to identify agents and organisations of interest to the campaign, paying particular attention to the international networks of the Millennium Project and the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring. We shall also proactively contribute in drawing up proposals for various funding frameworks and in disseminating and communicating events and content through our channels and networks.

Fundación Santa María la RealSanta María la Real Foundation

The mission of the Santa María la Real Foundation is to generate development based on the appreciation of cultural, natural and social heritage. This translates into an active and sustainable commitment with both the heritage and the environment, and especially with people.

The Fundación Santa María la Real has a track record spanning many years for promoting employment and in programs of attention to unemployed people. It was the promoter of the Program of Educational Workshops, one of the main active policies of the Spanish Government, which has served to educate and provide qualifications to 750,000 people in Spain and Latin America. It has also promoted the Encyclopaedia of Romanesque, a program of research, cataloguing and dissemination of the Romanesque heritage in Spain and Portugal that has been performed, in great part, through the appointment of unemployed professionals (architects, historians, etc.). Besides this, it develops diverse actions of training and advice for unemployed individuals.

The Foundation, through its president, José María Pérez ‘Peridis’, is the creator and promoter of the Program for Employment and Solidarity Entrepreneurship (Programa Lanzaderas de Empleo y Emprendimiento Solidario). It is a program of social innovation for unemployment based on the creation of teams of unemployed, volunteer, active, visible people that, coordinated by a coach, work as a company to get jobs for its members and/o promote the creation of entrepreneurships.

Cámara de Comercio Hispano-NoruegaSpanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber was founded in Oslo at the initiative of Spanish and Norwegian businessmen in 1932. There are currently one in Norway and another in Spain. It is a bilateral Chamber of Commerce, constituted as a non-profit-making organisation with the purpose of promoting business and personal relationships between Spain and Norway. It also supports institutions in both countries (Norwegian Embassy, Spanish Embassy and their respective commercial offices). The Chamber is an active forum that favours networking and contacts at all levels. It belongs to ‘Team Norway’, together with the Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council, in addition to belonging to the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Platform

Being an association that connects two countries, the Chamber can provide Pegasus with the required level of business contacts to help attract the focus of Nordic countries to this project. In addition, this issue may benefit from the innovative viewpoint of Nordic social and labour models.

ediwTeresian Association in collaboration with Education for an Interdependent World (EDIW)

The Teresian Association, founded in 1911 by Pedro Poveda, is an international organisation whose purpose is to contribute to the human and social promotion of individuals through educational and cultural mediation. It is present in thirty countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Its members uphold the values of the Gospel, prepare themselves exhaustively and carry out the mission of the Teresian Association in public and private entities through their professional conduct.

EDIW (Education for an Interdependent World) is a non-profit international association that works in collaboration with universities, international organisations, schools, professional bodies and other platforms. The mission of EDIW is to empower young people, especially in the field of university education, to promote and encourage actions and projects aimed at building a more inclusive society with greater understanding in a multicultural and interdependent world. It generates empowerment networks and structures for young professionals, students and other young people where they can further develop their skills and take on the responsibility to imagine, create and develop projects and actions that promote justice and human rights in a multicultural society.


UNESCO Etxea-UNESCO Centre from Basque Country is a non-profit association (NGO) created in 1991 to promote the principles and programs of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in the Basque region.

Since then, UNESCO Etxea finds its raison d’être in the construction of a fair and dignified peace, where the individual’s dignity and value is the centerpoint and in order to do so it is formed as a civil society of the UNESCO, as a Basque non-profit association with an international vocation. Thus, UNESCO Etxea is actively present in local and international networks; it promotes the interrelation among Basque society and the international community and provides an opinion by means of research, training and innovation.

The support to youth and youth employment is very present in the policies of UNESCO Etxea, from tools such as newsletters, to the UNESCO Grants that provide many young people with the opportunity to travel to other countries and work in UNESCO offices.

The UNESCO Etxea’s commitment to provide opportunities and to facilitate the integration of young people into the labour market is a value that can be observed in their actions. Recognising young people as social actors of change to achieve the goals of peace and social justice that the centre represents is vital.


Basque Government.

gobierno vasco


World Rural Forum.

foro rural mundial


Bilbao City Council.

ayuntamiento de Bilbao - Bilboko udala