The Introductory Session will open the Forum once the authorities complete the Official Opening Ceremony. This session will take place in the Auditorium.

The Plenary Sessions will introduce and close the Sessions. The Opening Plenary Session will focus on presenting the experiences of a variety of regional in addressing youth employment issues. The Closing Plenary Session will highlight the main conclusions reached in the Forum’s Side Sessions. This should help draft a Forum Declaration that will feature a list of basic principles to be included in the Agenda of the Youth Employment Decade with a view to seeking active commitments.

The Side Sessions are working sessions and are designed to develop the Forum’s core theme, which is the search for viable solutions to overcome employment barriers.

The Moderators of the Sessions will be the key players with a view to ensuring all the above-mentioned goals are achieved. They will play a crucial role and their experience within the organizations they represent will provide the necessary assurance to enable the Sessions to provide important ideas, points of connection between the various ideas raised and to highlight elements in the discussions that will lead to the generation of new knowledge and provide viable solutions to each of the specific topics.

The Panel Members will represent a key dimension of the discussion topic and, as a group, they will represent a multi-dimensional perspective of the issues raised during the Session. They shall contribute the main challenges regarding the points of view they represent to the discussion.