Venue: Bizkaia Aretoa, Abandoibarra Etorbidea, 3, 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia


November 24 -2014

Accreditations 17:00-17:45

OPENING SESSION (18:00-18:30) – Bizkaia Aretoa – Mitxelena Auditorium

-The Mayor of Bilbao, Mr. Ibón Areso
-President of the Novia Salcedo Foundation, Mr. Luis Cañada
-The Rector of the Basque Country University, Mr. Iñaki Goirizelaia
-Director of INJUVE, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Mr. Ruben Urosa
-Assistant Director-General for Policy, International Labour Organization (ILO), Mr. José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs
-The President of the Basque Government, Mr. Iñigo Urkullu


Regional context of Youth Employment, various approaches (18:30-20:15)

Session introduced by Mrs. Benita Ferrero Waldner. President of the Europe-Latin America and Caribbean Foundation.

Objective: Identify regional factors that can promote and restrict the successful implementation of employment policies. Why some can and other cannot?

Brief Regional Overview of Youth Employment: Mr. Ekkehard Ernst, ILO´s Head of Job-friendly macroeconomic policies and jobs unit (Research Department)

Panel: Job creation in different regional contexts. Evidence-based analysis.

Moderator: Mr. Ekkehard Ernst
-Ambassador of Norway, Mr. Johan Vibe, indicators, context, critical success factors
-Ambassador of Austria Dr. Peter Huber, indicators, context, critical success factors
-Ambassador of Canada Mr. Jon Allen, indicators, context, critical success factors
-Guatemala Ambassador Mrs. Carla Maria Rodriguez Nancia,  indicators, context, critical success factors

Debate and discussion

November 25- 2014

PLENARY SESSION-1  –Bizkaia Aretoa –  Mitxelena Auditorium

WELCOME SESSION (08:30-9:00)

-Novia Salcedo Foundation Director, Mrs. Begoña Etxebarria
-Regional Minister of Employment of the Basque Government, Mr. Juan Mª Aburto
-Assistant Director-General for Policy, International Labour Organization (ILO)Mr. José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs
-BYEF Coordinator, Dr. Ana Díaz

Theoretical framework and a practical experience: the collaboration between young people, companies and the change of values. (9:00-9:40)

-Mr. Sabino Ayestarán Professor of the Basque University, NSF-Icarus Think-Tank and BYEF-UPV/EHU-Gune Coordinator will introduce the framework of the Forum
-Mrs. Elisa Mena, Assistant Director of Novia Salcedo Foundation
-D. Iñaki Garmendia, Manager of  Egamaster


The Moderators of the different Sessions will start the Sessions by briefly presenting the participants of the panel. Each panellist should give a five minute presentation of those aspects S/he consider most relevant for the panel following a common scheme:

– Which are the main barriers to the employment considering a priority.
– How does Her/is organization working in this area
– Highlighting ideas or proposals for overcoming those barriers

Afterwards, an open debate will follow with the participation of all attendees.
By the end of the Session the moderator should be able to:
– main barriers to the employment
– critical success factors
– new ideas on how to overcome those difficulties
– Have drawn-up a baseline in order to design a “way foreward” (this final part will be presented in the last Plenary Session)

SIDE SESSION (09:45-13:30)

Coffee Break (11:15-11:30)

The theme of the 3 sessions will be to identify the main barriers affecting job creation and work on finding viable solutions.

Session I- Working Sessions – Bizkaia Aretoa –  Mitxelena Auditorium

Moderator: Mr. Eguzki Urteaga- Professor of Sociology of t he Basque University UPV/EHU. BYEF/EHU-Gune

Attendee: Mrs. Mónica Muñoz- Master in Journalism and International Relations. BYEF/NSF

Mr. José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs. Assistant Director-General for Policy, ILO
Mr. Allan Päll, General – Secretary European Youth Forum.
Mrs. Vladimíra Drbalová. The European economic and social committee, Vice-Chair of the Social affairs and Employment Section.
Mr. Luis Miguel Pariza (CCOO). Member of the Social and Economic Committee.
Mrs. Maite Zelaia, vice-Chancelor of Students, Employment and Social Responsability. Basque Country University, UPV/EHU  / Aitzol Lamikiz Mentxaka, External Relations Director, UPV/EHU
Mrs. Beatriz Fernández García, HHRR Director of Ikea Barakaldo

Session II- Working Table –Bizkaia Aretoa –  Chillida Room

Moderator: Mr. Marco Ricceri. Scientific President of the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring. General Secretary, Eurispes (Institute of Politic, Economic and Social Studies)

Attendee: Mrs. Laura Simón. Expert in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. Administrative and Political Science

Mr. Ekkehart Ernst. ILO´s Head of Job-friendly macroeconomic policies and jobs unit (Research Department)
Mrs. Jannie Pitt. Minister-Counsellor (Employment), Department of Employment, Australia.
Mr. Héctor Saz Rodríguez. President of the Spanish Youth Council.
Mr. Alejo Ramírez. Secretary General of the Latin-American Youth Organization, OIJ.
Mrs. Isabel Alvarez , Ehne Bizkaia Trade union
Mr. Jon Altuna, Academic Vice-rector of the Mondragon University.
Mr. Unai Sordo, General Secretary CCOO-Euskadi, trade union.

Session III- Working Table –Bizkaia Aretoa –  Oteiza Room

Moderator: Mr. Joaquin Nieto – General Director of the ILO Office, Spain.

Attendee: PhD. Edurne Terradillos – Law and Social Security  Basque Country University. BYEF-EHU-Gune

Mr. Joaquín Nieto. General Director of the ILO Office, Spain.
Mr. Mark Keese. Head of the Employment Analysis and Policy Division in the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (OECD).
-Mr. Mariano Ucelay, Vocal Advisor Secretary of Employment.
Mr. Felipe García, Regional Responsible of Trainning  and Employment, UGT-Euskadi Trade Union.
Mr. Javier Treviño – Human Resources Director, Gamesa
Mr. Jesús Riaño, Director of DeustoSocialLab, Deusto University.
Ms. Izaskun Lertxundi, Responsible for CSR, Vicinay Cadenas

Networking  Lunch (13:30-15:00)

PLENARY SESSION-2  –Bizkaia Aretoa –  Mitxelena Auditorium

The Way Forward


The moderators of the three side sessions will take their conclusions to the plenary sessions based on the same outline:

-Barriers that have been identified
-Feasible solutions suggested
-Guidelines proposed for various stakeholders

16:30-18:00 Global panorama

• Mr. Joaquín Nieto. General Director of the ILO Office, Spain.
• Mrs. Jannie Pitt,  Minister-Counsellor (Employment), Department of Employment, Australia.
• Mr. Mark Keese, Head of the Employment Analysis and Policy Division in the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (OECD).
• Mr. Allan Päll , General – Secretary European Youth Forum.
• Mr. Begoña Etxebarria. Director of NSF

PEGASUS CAMPAIGN (18:00-18:30)

-Mr. Saket Mani, Global Youth Ambassador. Children & Youth Representative to United Nations.
-Mrs. Helena Orella, Coordinator of the International Campaign for the Youth Employment Decade – Pegasus Project, Fundación Novia Salcedo.
-Pegasus Advisory Group: Pedro Campano (Andalusian School of Social Economy), Isabel Cuesta (Cantabrian Chamber of Commerce), Raquel Serrano (Prospektiker)

Session of Signatures to Adhere to the Pegasus Project: International Campaign for the Declaration of the Youth Employment Decade
Signatures session, open to the media, to gain high-level adherents to the Pegasus programme.