A total of 2,121 young people found jobs last year thanks to the Comprehensive Qualification and Employment Programme (PICE) of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, managed through the network of regional Chambers of Commerce. The programme provides training to young people aged 16 to 29 who neither study nor work and have previously been registered in the Spanish Youth Guarantee System. PICE is funded by the European Social Fund. By Autonomous Communities, the greatest number of jobs corresponds to the Community of Valencia (609), followed by Andalusia (429) and Castilla-La Mancha (291).

The companies affiliated to the PICE programme receive aid when they hire young people who have completed a vocational orientation phase; the first step towards improving their professional skills. This aid totals 4,950 euros and covers any type of contract provided for in law: indefinite term, temporary, work experience, training, and learning contracts.

Furthermore, there is also aid for entrepreneurs to promote self-employment so that young people benefiting from the Spanish Youth Guarantee Programme and PICE and who start up a business or professional enterprise will receive aid worth 1,800 euros. During 2017, a total of 23,735 people signed up to the PICE programme, of which 21,242 received vocational guidance, 12,437 took core studies, and the other 10,266 completed specific training courses.

Mobility plan

In addition, the PICE Mobility Plan was launched in 2017. This is a programme designed to provide work experience in European Union member states. The plan helps young people to improve language skills, develop professional and personal skills, and improve their employability. To date, 37 young people have worked abroad thanks to this plan.

More than 70.000 people have signed up since 2015

The PICE Programme was designed to meet the needs of young people and of more than 3,100 businesses that signed up to the plan from various sectors, such as hotels and catering, commerce, and the manufacturing industry. Since it began in 2015, a total of 71,963 young people have signed up to the PICE Programme; 60,572 have received basic vocational guidance, 30,636 have benefited from core studies, and 23,807 have taken specific training courses. Almost 3,000 young people (2,768) have found jobs.

The plan consists of two specific plans. A Mobility Plan that enables people to improve their professional skills in businesses in the European Union, and the Training Plan, which is an educational programme that helps young people prepare for the labour market. This programme begins with vocational guidance, which teaches students to prepare curriculum vitae or face job interviews. Then, core subjects are delivered (languages, digital skills, or other employment-oriented skills) and specific training is offered for specific jobs or professions.