The Business Observatory against Poverty recently presented its Laboratory for Business Action on Youth Employment. It is a business-driven training and guidance programme tasked with promoting innovative and responsible strategies to improve youth employability.

Targeting managers in the fields of human resources (HR) and corporate social responsibility (CSR), it will be delivered over ten four-hour sessions, which will include theoretical and practical classes as well as specialised guidance. During these Laboratory sessions, attendees will acquire the necessary know-how to design and improve youth employment programmes that will generate a high social impact and align with their companies’ business strategies.

This first business action laboratory will attract companies that wish to take on the challenge of addressing the high youth unemployment rate in Spain, which stands at 36% according to the latest working population survey (EPA). The work method used in the laboratory sessions combines training, guidance, and methods, such as “Design Thinking” to put together the necessary programmes. Direct contact will be provided with companies that have been successful in these issues and with key local agents (social entities, training centres, state and regional public administrations), and collaborative working tools will be provided for use within the companies.