In the framework of the PEGASUS “International Campaign for youth Employment Decade” In January 2018, PEGASUS´s Africa Regional Committee Coordinator, Mr. Ngwa Wilson Forbi, visited Democratic Republic of Congo with the coordination of its National Office, and the involvement of the Government of that country.

In order to encourage youth development and responsibility, numerous activities and assignments of the Congolese youth receive large contribution from various federations, movements and NGOs for young population, with the assistance of development partners and under the Government’s authority through the Ministry of Youth and the Young Citizens Initiation. In the light of these considerations on how important the authority and the movement of the youth is, it became obvious that the young population should be considered as the primary social group where the state should focus its investment.

By referring to the National Youth Policy, PEGASUS´ National Committee in DRC indicates that this preference should be focused on the area of employment, a sector that faces many problems such as unemployment, underemployment, lower income and low salaries due to the staggering rise of this part of Congolese population.
The work visit included three main activities: a workshop with young people and other stakeholders; an official welcome; and a meeting with ministers of DRC.
The three days official work visit started with the welcome at Ndjili International airport in Kinshasa of the delegation of PEGASUS´ Africa Regional Coordination. After their arrival to the hotel, a meeting for program adjustment took place between the latter and the host committee strengthened by the presence of His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare of DRC, whose result was to modify the activity calendar under the high patronage of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare.
On January the 11th, the National Youth Council of DRC, in collaboration with PEGASUS National Coordination, gathered more than 60 young people from associations, movements and NGOs working in the field of youth, in a workshop in which the “International Campaign for Youth Employment Decade 2020 – 2030” was presented.

In this regard, the President of the National Youth Council, represented by the vice president in charge for Gender issues, spoke and thanked the Head of State to have introduced the law on ratification of the African Youth Charter whose article 15 is dedicated to the promotion of youth employment. On this occasion she also thanked the Vice Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare for having accepted to support the activity. She also outlined to the attendees the complete availability of the young population to embrace the program related to job creation since the majority of this part of Congolese society is a victim of the lack of employment, underemployment and low income.
Likewise, the Director of Youth Employment representing Her Excellency the Minister of Youth and the Young Citizens Initiation expressed to the participants the Government’s concerns regarding the young population by trying to bring the latter out of the poverty and to remove all social obstacles and even social deviance in this environment.
In his speech he also insisted on SDG 8 from present to 2030, highlighting the promotion of an inclusive and sustainable economic growth by a productive employment and a decent job for everyone. After welcoming the  Youth Employment Campaign, which is joined by the DRC, the presence of the current PEGASUS delegation in DRC is a strong signal for the Government to both participate and contribute in the fight against the youth unemployment in our country.

Later the floor was given to His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare who, on behalf of the Government, welcomed the young visitors and wished them a successful stay by promising them his fully support and, above all, his availability so this program could be realized, and he also expressed his wish to support the National Coordination in its inspiring mission with the members of the Government, whose objectives are converging in the area of youth employment. Furthermore, he insisted that the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare shall establish a mutual partnership with “PEGASUS.

A milestone in this work visit was the official audience with the Deputy Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare of DRC. His Excellency confirmed his availability to help so the project can become a reality.
Finally, on the last day of the visit a meeting with some Ministers of RDC took place.
On each occasion, and representing the PEGASUS Global Coordination, the Regional Coordinator for Africa, thanked their Excellencies and explained the purpose of the voyage and the objectives of the mission in Democratic Republic of Congo.