George Zhao, president of Honor, held his first TEDx talk in Caohejing Park, Shanghai, last week, where he shared his vision of technological perfection and innovation. Zhao also revealed how Honor achieved global success by becoming the best smartphone brand in China for four consecutive years.

During the talk, Zhao told a young audience of budding entrepreneurs about how he came to lead Honor and his experience on this technological adventure. Although he had started his career at Huawei in 1998, he acknowledged that he would eventually have to face new challenges. «I knew I only had one chance: make a success of Honor». With this goal in mind, he started on this new project that had been entrusted to him. «In recent years, in an environment of fearless and endless innovations, we believe that a business can only stand out from the rest and remain relevant if it offers the best product and the best user experience», said Zhao, providing one of the reasons for the business’ success.

He encouraged the entrepreneurs in the auditorium to commit to technology as the way ahead. «It has become a tool that empowers human beings to look ahead toward the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a strategic tool that is key to our business», he asserted. And, thus, long before the industry realized the importance of this technology, the company Zhao is managing had already invested heavily in the development of AI.

This experience showed him how we use technology in our daily lives and how it can change our lives for the better. The permanent developments of this smartphone brand were made on the basis of the challenges and goals set out by Zhao and his team. He encouraged young people to achieve their dreams every day and to be true to themselves always.

«The goal of today’s TEDx talk was to share this passion and confidence in young people, to help them fulfil their dreams and change the world», said Zhao at the end of the talk. This local Technology, Entertainment and Design event attracts people to share similar experiences with the spirit of disseminating valuable ideas. Each year, the TEDx Caohejing Park Salon in Shanghai invites various people and experts to talk and exchange ideas with young entrepreneurs.