TuPrimeraPega and TuPrimerLaburo will launch a campaign titled “50 thousand young people, 50 thousand jobs” in January 2018, as an initiative that seeks to ensure that young people in Chile and Argentina can find their first jobs.


The truth is that young people in the southern cone of the American continent are in a delicate situation. In the Andean country, there are half a million young NEETs, i.e. people who are not in education, employment or training. These are alarming figures that may have a direct impact on the national economy in the coming years. Not to mention the social consequences. The situation in Argentina is similar.

In this context of uncertainty, the two sister entities of TuPrimeraPega will launch the “50 thousand young people, 50 thousand jobs” campaign to help those young people to reverse the situation. The goal is to offer free advice to vulnerable people aged 16 to 29 so that they can have access to a first employment opportunity.

The project will seek to find job opportunities for people aged 16 to 29 so that they can enjoy decent jobs, especially in the case of those most in need. The campaign will be launched next January and seeks to raise awareness among public and private entities, civil society, etc.