This the conclusion of the What Workers Want 2019 by the recruitment and selection company Hays

More and more companies are focusing on their employees. However, in recent months Generation Z workers, also known as ‘centennials’ (from 2000 to 2009), are taking a number of aspects into consideration when accepting job offers. This is a generation that is not yet a major part of the labour market; indeed, some are still in training.

According to the study prepared by the recruitment and selection company, Hays, members of this group point out that their first jobs are rarely related to their studies and their lack of experience does not allow them to access qualified jobs.

60% prefer flexible working hours, when starting and ending the workday, when they start at a new company. Likewise, 66% would reject a job offer if it did not open the way to professional growth or more experience.

In addition, 70% are concerned about their retirement and the years that they will have to contribute to reach the date when they can leave the company. Consequently, 62% value the salary they receive for their work. In this sense, more than 60% expect an increase in remuneration this year, and 100% consider that an increase would be an incentive.

Another aspect that is important to them when deciding to work for a company is the facilities. 33% would be motivated by an update to their facilities. This figure is far above that given by other generations, such as the ‘X’ Generation (1960 to 1979) and the millennials (1980 to 1999).

In the meantime, these young people also take into account other advantages within their companies, such as culture, reputation and sustainable development goals.