The Youth Employment Fair in Argentina is one of the most important events for new generations. It is held in various cities throughout the country and is a great opportunity to bring young people and companies together, in addition to breaking down some myths about first jobs. The initiative is organised by the Ministries of Labour, Employment and Social Security and Social Development of the Government of Argentina.

It is aimed at young people aged 16 to 24 and covers several activities where they can learn about employment options: entrepreneurship, talks by businessmen or professionals, how to prepare a CV, and so on.

Tu Primera Pega, an entity that coordinates the Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Campaign of a Youth Employment Decade, visited the event. Javier Krawicki was asked to speak about approaching a company for the first time. As one of the founders of Tu Primera Pega, he advised the audience that looking for a job is a job in itself.

During the talk titled “De-constructing First Job Myths”, he referred to various aspects that could complicate access to a first job opportunity, such as the importance of preparing a good CV, how to approach interviews, being on time, choosing a company that can offer you adequate training, etc.

Finally, Krawicki took the opportunity to convey a positive message to the young people who attended the talk. “In Argentina, there are opportunities for a first job; you have to get over blaming external factors and focus on the process of dealing with the opportunities that arise for the new generations in the best possible manner”.