The slow economic recovery is continuing to affect young people, particularly regarding employment and emancipation, according to the EU Youth Development Index, prepared by the Reina Sofía Centre. Spain occupies the fifth from last position in the list, only above Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania.

The index, which is produced every year, shows a slight improvement in employment since 2016, although Spain stands at second last in the overall ranking and far from the European average. The situation regarding emancipation is no better. While in countries such as Luxembourg or Denmark, the percentage of young people who live alone exceeds 95%; in Spain, only 38% of young people have left their family homes.

This report, which was prepared within the framework of the Scopio Project, collects data on the level of life, education, access to new technologies, employment and the emancipation of young people at European, state, and regional levels. The index is prepared every year and provides a snapshot that makes it possible to compare the situation of young people and monitor its evolution year after year.

Positive data

On the other hand, the report has also found positive aspects in other fields, such as life and new technologies. In the former, which measures data referring to mortality, the fertility rate, accidents or suicides, Spain stands above the average for the continent. This is also the case regarding the use of new technologies.