Last September, a kindred entity, Jóvenes Iberoamericanos, organised a top-level event in Salta (Argentina), where public policies affecting young people and entrepreneurship in Latin America were discussed for two days.

Leading figures from the public and private sectors attended the event. They acknowledged, in their speeches, the main barriers facing young people, but also how these obstacles are gradually starting to decrease.

Among the list of representatives from the private sector was an entity that cooperates closely with public entities, TuPrimeraPega. This entity, which is the head of the Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean for the International Campaign, contributed, on the panel titled Economic Growth, Employability and Entrepreneurship for the SDGs, its views on how the 2030 Agenda and, more specifically, the Youth Employment Decade could encourage the changes required and influence public policies in favour of young people and their labour problems

In this sense, it was a great satisfaction that the International Campaign was represented by Javier Krawicki and Horacio Llovet from TuPrimeraPega, who had recently been in Bilbao at the BYEF. Their leadership in the region and their commitment to the Youth Employment Decade are unquestionable. Beyond the fact that the attendees at the event could see this initiative as positive and of the dissemination it may have, the event organised by Jóvenes Iberoamericanos served to study a specific action with direct positive consequences for young people.