Bill Gates has clearly been one of the most successful entrepreneurs during his career. The founder of Microsoft has 34 million followers on his Twitter account. He has used his official profile to give young people some tips on jobs of the future, based on his professional experience.

Using a thread with 14 messages, he has detailed the various fields in which there may be employment niches. “Artificial intelligence, energy, and bioscience are promising fields“, he says.

These tweets by the American tycoon are not new. A substantial number of these tips come from a speech given at the University of Columbia. “Looking back, there are things I would have liked to know before going to University, such as the “inequalities in the world“, something that took him “decades to learn”. The owner of Microsoft urged the young university students to surround themselves with “people who challenge you, teach you and push you to be at your best“.

To finish, Gates wanted to transmit an optimistic message to the new generations by saying that graduates should consider the progress made by humanity in recent years and that “it is an incredible time to be alive. I hope that you make the most of it“.