In Chile, the technological giant, Microsoft, has reached an agreement with, Coordinator of the International Campaign for Latin America and the Caribbean, to help young people with free courses in programming, app development and design.

Alex Pessó, director of corporate and legal affairs at Microsoft Chile, says, “We are committed to the progress of the youth of our country and, therefore, the intention of these courses and this alliance with TuPrimeraPega, is to generate employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Digital inclusion is a social necessity, particularly for young people who are facing a labour market that requires these skills, which are a critical step for development, labour insertion, and the possibility of getting better paid jobs.”

Furthermore, Horacio Llovet, Co-founder of TuPrimeraPega, says that “The agreement we have reached with Microsoft will enable our users to take completely free on-line courses. The courses are directed so that each person can improve their skills considerably and, in the short to medium term, improve their employment prospects and their productivity within an organisation”.

The courses, which are part of the Microsoft YouthSpark programme, in addition to providing specific technical know-how, will help young people to deal with the job market and provide them with the skills they need to generate the necessary confidence required to face a job interview, for example.

This refutes the importance that continuous training has for young people, especially in the digital field. Skills that are often required by companies when selecting profiles.