Vocational Training is the non-university education most widely demanded by businesses seeking candidates. This is the conclusion that emerges from the ‘Employability and Vocational Training Report’ prepared by Infoempleo and Adecco. It reveals that one in every three job offers mentions Vocational Training qualifications.

The report also states that this training covers certain professional fields that are especially attractive when looking for a job. Such is the case of Administration and Management studies. Up to 12.4 % of job offers require these qualifications. In addition, there has been an increase of more than 2 points in this professional field over the last year (one year ago it only accounted for 10.2 % of all offers). IT and Communications are also high-employability fields, accounting for 9.7 % of job offers directed at professionals with these Vocational Training qualifications.

While people who have obtained Vocational Training Certificates find it more difficult to find a job than people with Higher Education qualifications do; they are still one of the groups with the highest chances of finding employment. However, the qualifications obtained will play an important role when looking for a job.

Once again, Administration and Management are the most widely demanded studies, accounting for 13.4% of published job offers. They are followed by Electricity and Electronics (9.5%), IT and Communications (9.3 %), and Mechanical Manufacturing (8.8%). Further down the list, we have Trade and Marketing (5 %), Installations and Maintenance (4.6%), Health (3.7%), Hospitality and Tourism (3.4 %), Transport and Vehicle Maintenance (2.4%), and Personal Image (1.2 %).

Madrid and the Basque Country offer more jobs to people with Vocational Training qualifications

The Basque Country is the autonomous community with the second highest number of employment offers for people with Vocational Training qualifications, 18.1 % of all offers in the country, behind the Community of Madrid, which accounts for 23.3 % of all job offers.

The Adecco and Infoempleo report also reveals that the number of jobs advertised for people with Vocational Training in managerial positions, middle management and for skilled workers has increased significantly over the last year since the evolution in the social perception of Vocational Training has begun to bear fruit.

Now, 3 % of all job offers published and aimed at this group of professionals are looking to fill management positions. In 2014, this proportion was 0.25 %.Middle management, on the other hand, only accounted for 7.6 % of all offers, while they now account for 13 %. The same can be said of skilled workers, with an increase from 31.4 % to 37.5 %.