One of the most hopeful news in the United Nation´s Global Forum on Youth Policies held in Baku (Azerbaijan) was the announcement of the implementation of a National Youth Policy in Somalia. This announcement ensures a better expectation for the future of Somali Youth. Mr. Khalid Omar Ali told reporters after the conference that his ministry is currently forming the policy in consultation with the young people and stakeholders highlights the priorities and policies to be adopted by government to ensure empowerment of the youth. The Policy is expected to be ready and announced by 15th of May, next year (‘Somali youth day’). We should also realize that according to official figures, more than half of Somalia’s population is under 18. According to ‘The Free Voice of Somalia’ newspaper, the economic empowerment of young people in Somalia is vital. 70% of the population is under 30 but a lack of economic opportunities and one of the world’s highest unemployment rates is threatening the country’s road to stability.

On the other hand, this Global Forum on Youth Policies was participated by governments and parliaments, youth networks and movements, research and development communities to examine how youth policy can be implemented in war zones, post-conflict settings, and tackle youth unemployment.