The 16th session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEAP) is taking place at the UN headquarters from 24 to 28 April. This committee, which belongs to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) under resolution 2001/45, is made up of 24 Member States that meet on an annual basis.

The Committee contributes to the work of ECOSOC on issues related to promoting and developing public administrations and governance among Member States, concerning the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The main topic of discussion at the event during this new edition will be how “to ensure the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals through leadership, action and the media.”

Only entities like Novia Salcedo, which have a consultative status with ECOSOC, can participate directly or through a written statement. The Bilbao entity has submitted, using the latter option, a document that has been approved by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. More specifically, the statement was submitted in the “Development of the Principles of Effective Governance” category.

This is a significant fact given that only 24 statements have been approved. Therefore, this is a milestone in the history of Novia Salcedo that clearly displays the work that civil society is performing within the United Nations system.

 “We find it very rewarding. However, it is also a responsibility to fulfil our commitment, as part of civil society, to monitor the implementation by institutions and countries of commitments related to transparency and good governance, and which are reflected in the 2030 Agenda” said the director of this foundation, Begoña Etxebarria.

  • The Novia Salcedo Foundation has belonged to the Executive Committee of Transparency International Spain since 2016.