For any nation of the world is difficult to combine economic and demographic growth with sustainability, India is no exception. The Asian giant is staking its future and to safeguard their most precious treasure: young. The 70% of India’s population is below the age of 35, Union minister Jitendra Singh assumed the last week the need of the hour would be to prepare youths for employability without government patronage.


“To meet this challenge, we must not depend on governments’ jobs and prepare our youth for employability without government patronage” he stated inaugurating India MSME Expo and Summit 2015. Singh emphasized the role of micro, small and medium Enterprises in supporting, encouraging and promoting young entrepreneurship.


‘New Delhi TV’ asserts that the number of unemployed grows by almost three times every year, in comparison with the jobs available in the government sector. India will not only be the youngest country in the world but also a major supplier of skilled and entrepreneur youths to the rest of the globe, he said addressing a function in New Delhi.


After contextualize the situation of this great country, we must conclude that the national treasure of India is made more than 350 million young people, according to United Nations Population Fund. To them correspond to manage and ensure the prosperity of this former British colony.