Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, said that the world needed more than ever to coordinate efforts, unify visions and shape common solutions to challenges as he welcomed attendees to the Global Agenda of the World Economic Forum in Dubai. Furthermore, UAE Vice Presidents claims that “the world is more globalised and challenges which have become trans-border can only be countered through joint action, clear thoughts and a serious combination of international capabilities”.

According to ‘The National’ newspaper, experts agreed in Dubai, that employment is one of the keys of the Global Agenda and is essential to ensure a bright future and development. The first session of the WEF summit today will see 1,000 experts gathering under the theme “shaping the transformations of the world”, said Mr. Al Mansouri. Moreover, youth unemployment, as many matters, may seem to be issue of concern confined to certain regions and countries; the fact is that in an interconnected world we are all affected by it in some way or another realizes the majority of specialists of this summit.

In the region, the WEF outlook says youth unemployment, averaging 25%, is the top challenge, “alongside the management of political transitions and societal tensions”. Two socio-economic trends are creating a dangerous cycle: stagnant wages and the lack of employment are contributing to rising inequality, as well as holding back consumer spending and therefore growth,” experts said.