According to CGAP Microfinance Gateway, UNDP -United Nations Development Programme- signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with Zain and National Microfinance Bank to implement an emergency employment initiative within the framework of the “Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Jordanian Vulnerable Host Communities project,” which contributes to sustain social and economic stability. UNDP initiated three-phased emergency employment creation called ‘3×6 approach’. It supports livelihoods stabilization and local economic recovery with rehabilitating socio-economic infrastructure and enhancing basic service delivery through voluntary cash for work. It also supports diversified livelihoods opportunities, enterprise recovery, and skills development for women and youth. The National Microfinance Bank will facilitate the payment process as well as provide vocational training access to finance services needed for the establishment and growth of micro-businesses. Zain Jordan will support this initiative by providing telecom and internet services for free to all the beneficiaries of the initiative.

UNDP Country Director, Zena Ali Ahmad said, “UNDP believes that the private sector engagement will support the project to reach out to the people in needs and maximize its impact. The partnership will provide the targeted young men and women with the needed skills that shall enable them not only to join the labor market; but they will be able to start up their own microbusinesses to become successful entrepreneurs.”Zain Jordan Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Hanandeh said: “Our support for the initiative of UNDP stems from our aim at deploying our services in facilitating the daily tasks of the local community members, as we consider this as another commitment towards our society and it resembles a part of our social responsibility and our contribution in supporting Jordanian youth and therefore developing the economy across the kingdom”.