On occasion of the visit by Juan Francisco Montalbán Carrasco, ambassador on Special Mission for the “2030 Agenda” of the Spanish Government, and by Àngel Pes, President of the Spanish Global Compact Network to the 4Th Edition of the Bilbao Youth Employment Forum (BYEF), the Novia Salcedo Foundation organised a meal in honour of both guests. Attendees included a relevant representation of Basque public and private entities committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation.

The meal was an occasion to obtain first-hand information on the 2030 Agenda from two of its main agents in Spain and also to work towards a closer relationship among the various groups supporting the International Youth Employment Campaign that Novia Salcedo has been promoting since 2013. At the end of the event, Ambassador Montalbán and Mr Pes addressed those present, stressing the role that companies and civil society have to play in achieving the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda.