The XXV Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, which will be held on 28 and 29 October in Cartagena de Indias, is a major event for all Latin Americans. It will deal with the main problems affecting the states of the Community on both sides of the Atlantic.

This year, the main subject is Youth, Entrepreneurship and Education. A historic opportunity for the millions of young people who make up the crucible of Ibero-American identities. Especially considering the fulfilling of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Ibero-cumbre-de-emprendimiento-y-democracia-pacto-juventudAmerican Youth Covenant driven by the OIJ.

Thus, Ibero-American Youth, together with the OIJ shall hold the “First Ibero-American Youth Summit on Entrepreneurship and Democracy: A Path to Peace” on 25th October in Bogota (Colombia). Both associations have joined the International Campaign for a Youth Employment Decade and, therefore, they have extended an invitation to the Novia Salcedo Foundation.

The event will aim for three main objectives:

  1. Encourage the participation of Ibero-American youth in economic, political, social and/or environmental fields, in such a way that will translate into a positive transformation of the Ibero-American region.
  2. Serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations that promote entrepreneurship and improve the skills of those present, to respond to the high youth unemployment rate and social inequality in the region.
  3. Promote Open Government through the participation of government bodies, private institutions and civil society groups. The goal is to create synergies that will result in proposals for inclusive public policies that will uphold individual and collective rights through the active participation of youth.