Dharma Life is a social enterprise that promotes sustainable growth in the most vulnerable areas of India. It has been working for years with young people from rural areas offering entrepreneurial advice.


This entity was established in 2009 to encourage self-employment in the rural areas of India. “We recruit people with basic levels of education who need money and do not have full-time jobs. We usually recruit subsistence farmers and women”, says Mehta (34) who, in 2014, invested $200.000 of her own savings in this company.

This organisation offers training for farmers, many of whom are young, in various aspects of entrepreneurship. Through a series of workshops, they try to encourage them to change their mentality, to help them value their work, and provide added value based on a business outlook, customer orientation, and financial planning. Through their efforts, they have reached more than 3,500 villages in 12 provinces in the country over the last few years and they have trained nearly 5,000 people.

Through this formula, going from village to village, they have achieved some substantial figures and have established a network where the farmers themselves can find an outlet for their products on issues such as health, water supply, sanitation, education, etc. This channel is one of the added values that Dharma Life offers.

Their products will guarantee a sustainable value chain as they work with manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other stakeholders. This human network of entrepreneurs generates trust and respect within the community, which allows them to go beyond the mere delivery of products, and bring together the community to participate in social development projects.