On this online platform, users can enter their data and access job offers

This initiative has been designed and managed by the Association of Public Vocational Training Centres, Ikaslan Bizkaia. IkasEnplegu is the first online job bank that specialises in Vocational Training profiles. Businesses in Bizkaia and in the rest of the Basque Country can offer jobs on this platform. Therefore, it has become a meeting point for businesses, schools and students designed to help people find jobs.

Over a period of one month, more than 400 professionals signed up and it is already processing several score of jobs. The portal includes a free service staffed by experts who provide guidance regarding jobs and the improvement of people’s careers. This helps to ensure support during the personnel selection processes. Users can apply to active job offers and manage their CVs, adapting them to their professional, academic and personal features.

Users must first sign up at this link and log in using their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts and then fill in some forms designed to define their professional profiles and the jobs they would like. In addition, they must indicate their official qualifications, work experience, foreign languages, additional skills, hobbies, and other data of interest. They must also attach documents, such as academic qualifications, letters of recommendation or certificates.

The platform is available to businesses, students, and people with Vocational Training qualifications. Although the service is mainly aimed at people studying at Vocational Training Centres that belong to the Ikaslan Bizkaia network, it is open to any person who has a technical profile and who may be interested.