LinkedIn, Behance and Weereel are some of the digital platforms that serve as a ‘showcase’ for your work

A résumé is our best cover letter, it is the best summary of our training and professional experience. However, digital transformation has led to the emergence of new ways of relating to each other and to new ways of finding a job. There is no doubt that human resources departments are moving increasingly towards specialised social networks when it comes to finding candidates to fill the vacancies they have in their companies. Traditional printed sheets of paper have become obsolete thanks to new technologies.

There are currently several platforms you can use to prepare your CV in a matter of minutes. There are social media dedicated to photographers, designers, illustrators, artists, etc. The advantage is that you can display your work and your future bosses can have a look at your projects. Most of these applications are free.


This is one of the best-known professional tools used by all types of employers when hiring and recruiting talent. Therefore, having a LinkedIn profile is not an option, it is a necessity. You can list all your training and the companies for which you have worked. The platform also has a button you can use to attach your résumé. Indeed, companies can download your profile and evaluate you as a candidate.




This application allows you to create a visual résumé and make a difference with regards to your competition. You do not need to use a design program; you only need to enter the information in the various fields. The result will be a graphic CV that presents a timeline of your working life. Finally, you can share it on social media and even download it in PDF format and print it.



Behance is an online platform for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios (projects) that also enables them to see the work of others and increase their network of contacts. Opening an account is free, as well as uploading each of your projects and showing them to the rest of the community. In addition, Behance provides a range of job offers that companies or other users publish on this page.



Weereel is an online platform that connects agencies, producers and professionals of the audiovisual world. Users can upload a reel or a brief presentation of their work. You can also answer job offers and apply for audiovisual projects that appear in one of the sections of the site. Another advantage is that you will receive direct offers from companies that have seen your work.



Dunked has been designed to become the solution for those who want to ‘showcase’ their work without complicating their lives. It is a simple platform that is very pleasant to use. Its free version allows you to store 200 images, 10 pages and 24 projects. It is one of the favourite options used by illustrators and designers. The website features a range of templates that support audio and video.