Although it was not the first time that she had taken a bus by herself to Bilbao, it was the first time she had to find her way to Santutxu by herself, taking the Underground, reading the map, asking people and trusting her instincts. And she did it. Iranzu Oria arrived at the offices of the newspaper ‘El Nervión’, a free publication that is distributed from Monday to Friday at the main Underground stations in the city, to spend the day experiencing the day-to-day life of a journalist working for a general information daily newspaper.

“I wanted to see the world of journalism with my own eyes, satisfy my curiosity about a profession I had seen in films and series, but about which I knew practically nothing”, says this secondary school student who, at 16 does not have a clear idea of what she wants to do. However, she does know what she does not want: study journalism.

Iranzu applied to Lanaldi, a Novia Salcedo Foundation initiative that enables secondary school students to learn about certain aspects of various business sectors by sharing the experience with a working professional. She was encouraged by her mother and friends who, like her, had decided to study Humanities. She undertook the experience in a very positive manner. Accompanying the reporters for a whole day, Iranzu found that journalism can become a very sedentary job but she also encountered a demanding profession that requires “concentration, silence and speed”, she comments.

This young girl has several alternatives for the future while she is preparing her exams at the Oianguren Highschool in Ordizia and glances at her mobile phone. For now, she finds Social Work as the most appealing option, a profession that she considers of enormous social value, that is active and provides multiple job opportunities and a high potential to have an impact on people’s lives.


On the other side of the Lanaldi experiences we have Elena Vaquerizas, the owner of Tresportalla, a company dedicated to representing clothing and accessory brands in the Basque Country, Cantabria, La Rioja, and Aragon. Elena believes that this initiative is very important for young people and she encourages them to repeat. Bruno and Miren, two students from the American College interested in Business Studies, have visited her company. She has shared the challenges posed by entrepreneurs and the difficulties and rewards of starting a business on their own.

In addition, Elena took them to visit Laga, a Basque company, where the director explained some of the more technical aspects of the fashion sector. “Bruno and Miren are studying in an educational centre that opens many doors and are taking advantage of this opportunity. They are focussed on their studies and are contemplating the possibility of studying abroad, in Europe or the United States. Getting to know certain aspects of a company like Tresportalla or Laga has added to the knowledge and learning they already had”, claims Elena, who always has a positive view of experiences such as those offered by Lanaldi to help young people embark on their future with a clearer point of view.