People between the ages of 16 and 30 who want to start their own business will receive aid worth 6,000 euros, although the amount may increase depending on the project

The ONCE Foundation has launched an aid programme to help young entrepreneurs with disabilities. Through this announcement, the entity wishes to promote employment, as well as improve the employability and the social and labour integration of this group of people, a group that finds it very difficult to obtain quality jobs.

This economic aid is co-financed by the European Social Fund, within the framework of the Operational Programme on Youth Employment (2014-2020), in particular within the context of the Youth Guarantee Programme. The beneficiaries will receive a non-recoverable subsidy of 6,000 euros to help them become self-employed. In addition, the amount can be increased if the project meets other requirements, such as being undertaken by people with cerebral palsy, mental illness or intellectual disability – equal to or greater than 33%-, or by persons with physical or sensory disabilities – equal to or greater than 65%. Furthermore, greater support will also be provided to businesses that include or promote the recruitment of other persons with disabilities, or those that promote growth sectors or involve the development of the rural environment.

With these funds, the ONCE Foundation advocates favouring young people who are unemployed and not integrated into the education or training systems to enable them to find jobs by setting up their own businesses. The goal is also to improve their skills and their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them create their own jobs through viable and sustainable business projects that respond to the real needs of the labour market.

Young people with disabilities who wish to apply must be enrolled in the National Youth Guarantee System, they must be unemployed and not have worked or participated in education or training programmes at least the day prior to the submission of the application. If they are not registered in the programme, they can do so at the website that belongs to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. They can also apply through Inserta Empleo, an agency that belongs to the ONCE Foundation dedicated to finding jobs and training for people with disabilities.

Candidates may submit their applications until the funds allocated run out or until 31st March 2018. The funds provided by the ONCE Foundation, including the amount co-funded by the European Social Fund, for this programme totals 200,000 euros, although it could be extended on the basis of any further aid approved.