He is a controversial figure, equally admired and criticised. However, it cannot be said that he is not trying to find solutions to unemployment. Peter Hartz, the creator of minijobs in Germany, a formula that has helped to reduce unemployment figures to 5 %, has submitted a plan that includes measures to ensure that young Spaniards can find jobs:

1.Create a database to detect unused talent throughout Europe. In addition to a CV and work experience, candidates would have to provide information on their hobbies and other potential skills with a view to expanding their possibilities.

2.Hartz is calling for the cooperation of the European Investment Bank and the implementation of training and employment programmes that involve private and public investors.

3.He is also requiring financial aid for SMEs that offer fixed full-time contracts to people with part-time or temporary contracts, as well as scholarship holders.

4.In the wake of the previous point, Hartz calculates that 215,000 million euros will be needed to curb unemployment in southern Europe. He advises states to get at least one of their major banks involved and says that an ideal deadline would be 11 July, which is when the Youth Employment Conference will be held in Turin.

5.Manage long-term youth unemployment; plan the retirement pensions of those who are currently starting their first job.