How sport can affect your CV.

Thousands of young people in Spain are against the ropes today when it comes to finding their first jobs. With a youth unemployment rate standing at 50%, there are too many young people applying for job interviews at companies that are offering fewer and fewer vacancies. Therefore, what can you do to highlight your skills? What key words should you choose to explain in words what you wanted to set out in your CV?

One of the skills young people should include in their CVs and mention at job interviews is whether they have done sports. From coach to player, sport offers values that are highly considered in the business world. Team work, leadership, a competitive spirit, resistance to failure… are key words that may provide an important “boost” when compared with other candidates’ offerings.

In the United States, sportspersons are very highly appreciated to cover vacancies. Not only because of their skills, but because they provide the company with a respectable public image. In addition, they will have gone through experiences that can be perfectly extrapolated to corporate life.

 Highly developed skills.

NSF asked a human resources professional whether they valued the fact that a candidate had some prior sporting experience. The answer was, “Yes”. “Especially, if they have been coaches or the captains of their teams. Knowing how to handle a group of people is complicated and, in sport, these experiences can be of capital importance in real life”, says this young professional from Bilbao.

The skills developed by playing sports can be excellent training for a specific kind of task. It releases emotional and work-related tension and keeps the mind occupied in other functions that lead to different strategies; marking the difference between routine and well-being.

Consequently, many human resources professionals look for candidates like the ones we are describing. The reason is that they have developed skills that may be useful in the workplace and to overcome problems that may arise.  We must stress that having practised a sport does not guarantee a job, but it is an aspect that added to others can become the deciding factor.