Being an athlete is a dream for many young people who dream of a future doing what they like most. To help them pursue their dreams, the Laureus España Foundation and the AGM Foundation have launched a new edition of the ‘I Have a Dream’ programme, aimed at young athletes with limited financial resources to enable them to study in an American university for the next few years.

The scholarships are available to athletes of Spanish nationality between the ages of 12 and 20, who are competing at a medium-high level. As additional requirements, they must not have repeated any school year, they must have a high level of English, and comply with all the rules and requirements of the American university system.

Scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to study and train in one of more than 1,500 American universities that work with AGM Sports. The programme covers all personal, academic and sporting expenses for the four-year period at university.

“We are proud to launch this programme with AGM Sports once again. It enables us to help young athletes to achieve their dreams”, stressed the president of the Laureus España Foundation, Gabriel Masfurroll. “We are aware of the impact this programme has already had on five Spanish athletes and we hope to give the same opportunity to many other Spanish athletes who need it”, added the president of the AGM Foundation, Gonzalo Corrales, who stressed the possibility of “Changing Lives” thanks to football.


The former football player, Luis Figo, is involved in ‘I Have a Dream’. He is an ambassador for the Laureus España Foundation and a member of the Laureus Academy, and, this year, he is sponsoring the project. “It is a pleasure to have the collaboration of a great sportsman who is an example and inspiration to young people”, said Masfurroll.

Figo stressed that this is “a unique opportunity for young students who love sport. With these scholarships, they can live an experience that will change their lives. Studying at a university in the United States while doing the sport they love is to make a dream come true“.

All the students and athletes who want to prepare for their future through this programme should create their ‘I Have a Dream Scholarship Profile’ for free on the Mooxye platform. All those who comply with the requirements will move to a final selection process, which will be resolved by a jury made up of ambassadors and representatives of the Laureus España Foundation and the AGM Foundation.