The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Novia Salcedo Foundation (NSF) are collaborating in the fight against child labour through a charity concert by Pilar Jurado with the Leioa Youth Orchestra that will take place at the Campos Elíseos Theatre on 19 June at 20:00. The proceeds will be used to support the initiatives promoted by the ILO International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour.

Child labour is a violation of fundamental human rights and has been proven to hinder the development of children. It has negative psychological and physical effects that last for the rest of their lives. It has also been proven that there is a strong link between household poverty and child labour, excluding the children of the poor from the educational system and limiting their opportunities to climb the social ladder.

It is a global problem, although it is also true that it is not a serious issue in Europe. There are 78 million children affected in Asia and the Pacific, 59 million in sub-Saharan Africa – but with the highest percentage of all continents-, 13 million in Latin America and the Caribbean and 9.2 million in the Middle East and North Africa. Too many children see their futures diminished under infamous labour conditions when they should be at school.

wcms_331148By sector, those affected work mainly in the fields as most boys and girls end up working in agriculture, almost 100 million to be more precise (59%), followed by services with 54 million and industry with 12.

In overall numbers, there are currently 168 million children working – 85 million of whom are performing dangerous tasks. And after these overwhelming data comes the paradox. While there are boys and girls working at these jobs, all countries in the world are experiencing an epidemic of youth unemployment affecting over 75 million young people in the five continents. Why are children working when there are young people who can do those jobs?

This is one of the reasons why the NSF is promoting an international campaign to declare the Youth Employment Decade. In order to ensure a better future for this world, we believe that boys and girls should attend school and study for tomorrow. Consequently, this will free up jobs for young people who have finished their studies and who are currently in a very delicate situation regarding employment.

In short, anyone who wishes to do their bit to eradicate child labour has an essential appointment on 19 June at the Campos Elíseos Theatre in Bilbao.  Tickets will be available via the Internet and you can even cooperate via a row zero option.

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