They are not rock stars or football stars and they have never walked along a red carpet, but they are the kings of a universe called YouTube. They are youtubers, boys and girls in their late teens who earn a living by posting home-made videos that connect with an audience of millions of young people around the world, the millennials.

With little more than a webcam and a computer, youtubers have managed to become a worldwide phenomenon free from the traditional media and entertainment industry and they obtain earnings by promoting videogames and technology aimed at young people aged 21 to 25. They are beating all records regarding followers on Internet, as is the case of Elrubius (Rubén Doblas, 27), a Spanish content creator who has more than 18 million followers and who has made videogame commentary into a lucrative business with a potential that is increasing by the second.

One of the keys to the success of the youtuber phenomenon can be glimpsed by comparing television audiences – more heterogeneous regarding age, taste and consuming habits – and the followers of youtubers, who have more defined tastes that are easily identified by advertisers, which makes YouTube the ideal platform to launch mobile phones, consoles or tablets.

Spontaneity, boldness, humour and regularity are the main ingredients of the products found in the youtuber sector, an industry that is already beginning to become more professional in Spain and that more and more young people want to join. However, it is not so easy; revenue depends on the number of views, the length of the video or the country of origin of the visits. In addition, you have to offer content that is unique in a market that is already saturated by “traditional” gamers who display the potential of a videogame in a fun and simple manner, channels with fashion and beauty tips, or gastronomic channels.