The digital environment includes the favourite professions for young people, who dream of a stable and well-paid job

YouTuber or videoblogger and video game designer. These are the favourite professions of Spanish youths, according to a survey conducted by Vodafone and YouGo involving more than 6,000 people aged 18 to 24 from around the world. Five hundred people were interviewed in Spain, of which 22% had decided to develop their career based on videos on the Internet and 17% by creating video games.

The survey also reveals the differences between men and women when they describe their ideal jobs. Men tend to direct their choices towards jobs related to digital environments, such as video game designers, robotics engineers, marketing/sales, YouTubers/videobloggers and App designers. In contrast, women prefer to become nurses or doctors, YouTubers/videobloggers, teachers, lawyers and work in positions connected with marketing and sales.

Stable and well-paid jobs

The lack of youth employment is one of the major issues of concern for young people. Consequently, 69% of the respondents revealed that their greatest challenge focused on finding a stable and well-paid job. However, 41% felt that they lacked the skills to find the job they wanted; while 32% thought they lacked the skills for any kind of job.

To help them find jobs, Vodafone has launched Future Jobs Finder in 18 countries, a portal designed to help young people develop their career in the digital world. The tool, which is also available in Spain, helps them define their digital profile through a questionnaire and facilitates access to job offers and to on-line training content adapted to their profile.