Many young people may feel discouraged because they have been dismissed or failed to find stable employment, freeing them from the long chain of temporary contracts to which they are subject. However, the good performance of the Spanish economy, with a forecast growth rate of 3.3% for this year according to the BBVA, should lead to the creation of more jobs in the second half of 2017. The General Employment Office has published 7 useful tips that will increase the chances of finding a foothold in the labour market in the coming months.

1. Adapt

In many cases, we make the mistake of thinking that one is only made for one job. To rebut that conviction, the refresh course trend has appeared. A new behaviour that urges us to think about adapting to a new professional profile in a different workplace. If you have been unlucky in the past, this year can provide you with a new perspective of your skills, leading to a change of direction and trying out new professional fields.

2. A commitment to training

When it comes to implementing tip number one, training comes into play. An option that it is always interesting, whether you are working, as is the case of the generation that works and studies, or whether you are unemployed. There is a wide range of offers that include a multitude of classroom and on-line courses with which to improve your training for the labour market.

3. Keep an eye on the “networking” agenda

For one out of every four young people, one of the indispensable keys to finding a job is having a good network of contacts. You must dedicate time and effort to this to ensure it is as broad-ranging as possible. There are several ways of achieving developing a “networking” agenda available to all. For example: stay active on professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn; do not lose contact with former bosses and work colleagues, and attend special events dedicated to employment and to contacting companies.

4. Pay attention to head-hunters

A fundamental task to perform when looking for a job is to show an interest in the companies you would like to join, but it is also important to think about how to get them interested in you. To do this, develop a plan of action targeting a job interview. One of the important keys is to add key words to our CV and our professional profiles on the Internet that match the ideals and interests of the company. The second key is to get a good cover letter to support your work, experience and training that will attract their attention.

5. Cultivate the social media

In addition to paying attention to professional profiles on the Internet such as LinkedIn, it is also a good idea to work on other profiles, such as Twitter or Facebook, where in addition to advertising yourself, you can have access to interesting job offers.

6. Stay motivated

This task may be complicated on many occasions. It is not easy to stay motivated when you cannot find a job and the situation lasts too long, but it is important to find that motivation that drives you to keep going and to keep the goals you want to achieve in mind.

7. Self-confidence

One of the most important tips is always to trust in yourself and your capabilities. Preserve the enthusiasm to continue learning and improving. The ability to keep moving forward always resides within you.