The circumstances among the Indonesian youth, are not very hopeful, currently the youth unemployment rate is 22%, between 15 and 24 year-old. Furthermore, this country has 240 million of habitants; therefore these figures represent a serious risk to its stability in the future. Additionally, it can be stated that there has been a ‘contagion’ between so-called ‘Asian Tigers’ such as Philippines with a youth unemployment rate around 16%.

According to the Chamber of Commerce of the country, the situation can multiply the violence and lead to an erosion of values. Work not only means earning a salary every month, also helps a person to achieve stability and certain sense of satisfaction when contribute in a project. Having a job significantly reduces the chances of falling in crime activities.

One of the major barriers in access to youth employment lies in the inflexibility of the legislation. The main target is to fight against rigid laws and promote others which facilitate and encourage the hiring of young people. Chris Kanter, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce Indonesia, emphasized the need to abolish them to ensure an increase in employment. Actually this situation needs to be reversed, according to a report of that institution, and the Government should take action on the matter. Without their cooperation all proposals will fall on deaf ears.