The NGO International Cooperation has made an appeal to young Spaniards in a new video entitled ‘Let the world mark you‘ so that each person, wherever they are, can help transform society through volunteering.

“There is an ancestral rite of which few people are aware. When the sky darkens and the birds go into hiding, the magic begins. To carry out the rite, you need to get rid of what you do not need in order to fly. When you stare into the fire, you discover a different reality, the reality of other people who need help”. This is the beginning of the advertisement for the new ‘Let the world mark you’ campaign by this NGO, in which young people are dancing around a bonfire on a beach. They are all actual International Cooperation volunteers.

“Those who get to see it must close their eyes again to make the rite work”, stresses the voice that accompanies the video images. Then we see a girl wake up in her room. “What is particular about this rite is that you don’t need a fire or magic. It can be performed anywhere and it only requires two steps: let the world place its mark on you. Become a volunteer“, concludes the video.

The NGO International Cooperation is trying to attract young people by means of this campaign that complements and gives meaning to its motto #LivingForOthers. The purpose is to promote the social participation of young people and raise their awareness of the fact that anyone can make a change in the world. “You just have to leave your routine and decide to make that difference. And to do this, you do not need magic, rites or fire… all you need is the will to get involved, to help other people and maintain that willingness to go out and let the world leave its mark on you. This diverse world is full of human experiences that should be shared, and young people should be involved directly by contributing their time by volunteering or in many other ways and, ultimately, by building a better and more inclusive society”, according to International Cooperation.