Among other aspects, young people believe that work experience in companies should be high-quality and paid
A survey involving 2,500 young people aged 23 to 30 has revealed their job preferences and aspirations for the future. According to this study, most ‘millennials’ prefer jobs that stimulate them. They would also like to have enough time to rest or do sport and they want a good salary.

According to this report prepared by Trivu, the youth labour profile platform, 82% of respondents consider that the most important aspect is to have a job they are passionate about, 58% are looking for jobs that enable them to reconcile work and their private lives, compared to 52% who want jobs that come with a good salary.


Regarding professional goals, this analysis found that 35% of Spaniards under the age of 30 want to start their own business, while 34% would like to work for a large company. These data contrast with the 6% of teens who want to become civil servants. On the other hand, 14% want to work as freelancers, 6% would like a job in a startup, and 5% say they will be unemployed.

Regarding talent, 77% of young people relate this aspect to creativity, innovation, success and entrepreneurship, and believe that it is not related to age, but to a certain outlook on life. When asked about job opportunities, 81% mentioned that it should be possible to apply the subjects studied to the job they are going to do. On the other hand, 55% believe that businesses should reach out to young people differently and not in the traditional manner. Finally, 79% say that access to grants makes it easier to find a job in a company, and 77% would like to see quality work experience that should be paid.