Next April, Jóvenes Iberoamericanos (Latin-American Youth) will launch the Estudio Iberoamericano (Latin-American Study) project. This initiative seeks to learn and promote various positions that affect young people in the region.

 The purpose of this study is to provide a participatory space of connection and interaction, where young people can make their voices heard, share experiences, and propose actions in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.

Each month, a specific action will be proposed in relation to a particular issue: youth employment, quality education, health, entrepreneurship, etc. The project will use video conferences to enable people with experience on the issue being addressed to speak of their personal views and the measures that should be implemented to improve the situation.

All participants will be able to set out their positions on the issue through the social media and the official Jóvenes Americanos accounts. During the last week of each month, the organisers of the on-line event will collect all the ideas and present them as monthly conclusions.

The first panel will be on youth employment. On 1st April, our colleagues at Tu Primera Pega will be in charge of opening the event. The following week, 8th, Novia Salcedo will also be a key player on the panel on unemployment among new generations in Latin-America.