The foundation will hold a “special consultative status” at the UN, which entails obligations and privileges

The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in line with the recommendations of the Committee on NGOs, has decided to grant the Novia Salcedo Foundation a “special consultative status”, thanks to which the entity from Bilbao will enjoy certain privileges and obligations within this supranational institution. “For Novia Salcedo it is a cause for pride and satisfaction, while also being a responsibility and an acquired commitment. It is an opportunity to align our goals with the agenda of all humanity”, said her director, Begoña Etxebarria.

Novia Salcedo, a foundation that originated from the commitment by the priest Txomin Bereciartua to ensure young people had a better future, has been promoting youth employment for over 35 years through policies, activities and awards that are regularly organised for this purpose.

A task that ECOSOC has acknowledged by granting it this “special consultative status”, which will enable the foundation to engage actively with this institution and with all its subsidiary agencies as well as with the Secretariat of the United Nations. The Novia Salcedo Foundation will now be entitled to a representative that can act as an observer at official UN meetings at the New York and Geneva headquarters. It will also be able to submit oral and written statements to the Council, which will be taken into account in the ECOSOC agenda for discussion at the said meetings.

Regarding its obligations, ECOSOC or some of its subsidiary bodies may commission the Novia Salcedo Foundation to prepare field studies and reports related to its field of expertise – the promotion of youth employment in this case. The foundation, on the other hand, can be in permanent contact with the various ECOSOC working committees. In addition to these specific tasks, the Novia Salcedo Foundation – like other non-governmental organisations with the same status – undertakes to prepare a report every four years regarding its activities in relation to  ECOSOC and to respect the best practices expected of an organisation of the importance of the United Nations.