This tool uses a video game environment to refine the professional profile of job seekers

Innovation and technology are finding a place in a field, human resources, which also requires a change to adapt to the new reality. A more egalitarian and inclusive situation, banishing all bias, whether negative or positive, that can interfere between a company and a candidate, so that the selection process can be as fair as possible.Nawaiam

TuprimeraPega, the prestigious Chilean technological platform that has been providing employment advice to young people since August 2014 – it later opened in Argentina as TuprimerLaburo – has introduced Nawaiam. This name refers to a revolutionary tool that brings the world of technology, so widely present in society, to the Human Resources departments of companies and organisations.

A major part of this project, the natural evolution of the work carried out over the last five years, arose from the network of contacts generated thanks to the Novia Salcedo Foundation and to the ideas participants collected in the various editions of the Bilbao Youth Employment Forum. Both entities have been working closely together in favour of youth employment at the national and international level.

The Nawaiam Experience

Adopting technology creatively, Nawaiam uses a video game environment to generate the professional profiles of the people who simply accept to play. Using a mobile application, users will embark on the Nawaiam Experience. Players must navigate various scenarios, achieve certain levels and overcome challenges, complete missions…

Depending on the behaviour, reactions and decisions of the players, the system will detect natural behaviours linked to decision making, communication skills, creativity, analysis, etc. Then, a profile of the player will be generated, focusing on professional aspects, and a report will be produced that will serve as a job seeker and/or career guide and will provide links to companies that are offering jobs that match the said profile.

“Nawaiam is a completely groundbreaking product that promises to revolutionise the market, helping businesses and organisations in the world of work”, says Javier Krawicki, Co-Founder of Nawaiam. By implementing this tool, companies “will significantly increase the chances of finding the right people for each profile, thus enhancing selection processes.

On the other hand, users hired by companies that use Nawaiam as part of their recruitment processes “will have a greater guarantee of finding a job that matches their interests. Milagros Sola, a young woman who participated in the trial phase, mentioned that “it was a great dynamic experience; attractive and very effective. I felt completely identified with the profile obtained thanks to the game”.

Nawaiam is preparing to launch in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Italy and the United States as part of the organisation’s commercial strategy and will be available from August 1.