Over one Hundred entrepreneurs, coming from different provinces of Andalusia and different professional backgrounds, apply to participate to ‘FIDES Emprende’ the most important programme of the Andalusian Social Economy School aimed at supporting Collective Entrepreneurship.

This is a pioneer programme for Spain and Europe in the area of Collective Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. Since its start in 2006, it has supported over seventy business initiatives, seventy percent of whom are successful Social Economy enterprises still functioning.

The present edition of this programme that will start after the summer break, has received the highest number of applications ever: applications have been three times higher than available places.

‘FIDES Emprende’ is a project-oriented training programme that applies innovative methodologies such as group coaching and looks for the practical application of learning to participants business projects. Trainers, experts and coaches work together, tailoring their support to each Collective Business Project.

Among the thirty one collective projects that applied for the programme there are the creation of social platform to promote house sharing, innovative marketing and coaching services, engineering applications to remove barriers for disabled people, events and celebrations planning, psychological services aimed at children and youngsters with emotional and behavioural disorders.

For more information, please visit: www.escueladeeconomiasocial.es

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Twitter: @economia_social