The online platform, TuPrimeraPega, a project aimed at helping young Chileans who are looking form their first jobs, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Novia Salcedo Foundation to disseminate the Pegasus Project and its goals, participate in organising events and cooperate in creating and running the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Committee.

As for millions of young people around the world, a university degree is no longer enough when it comes to joining the labour market for Chileans. Despite the fact that this South American country has an unemployment rate of around 6.4%, one of the lowest in the region, the youth unemployment rate is twice as high, standing at 14.9%. Faced with this situation, thousands of young people are torn between doubts, myths and false paradigms. TuPrimeraPega helps them in the difficult and solitary adventure of finding that first job. It is a free and personalised web-based platform dedicated to helping people prepare a CV, an interview or become familiar with the tests selection companies conduct.

The cooperation agreement between TuPrimeraPega and the Novia Salcedo Foundation comes at a key moment in the consolidation of the Latin America and Caribbean Committee, which is attracting institutional attention to youth unemployment and job instability in the region. TuPrimeraPega will participate and provide advice regarding the organisation of events and activities to introduce the Pegasus Project and it will participate in creating knowledge through reports and the promotion of good practices