Pedro Campano

Pedro Campano

The Andalusian School of Social Economy shares each and every one of the reasons that have led to Novia Salcedo to launch the Pegasus Project and shares all the values behind this great initiative.

The tragedy of unemployment and, in particular, of youth unemployment is a shared concern. Our Community, Andalusia, has been hit very hard with this unfortunate reality. We cannot allow these millions of young people without jobs, with their human and economic potential, to become a lost generation heading for truly personal, social and economic hardship. At the Andalusian School of Social Economy, we do not want to miss this opportunity to contribute to making youth unemployment a front line issue that is permanently at the forefront in future years with a view to raising the awareness of all the political and economic agents involved and to ensure that the struggle against this scourge continues. We will try to share our experience in relation to the promotion of collective entrepreneurship and we shall seek to involve all stakeholders in the social economy, whether Spanish or international, to support this initiative and to collaborate in every way possible.

Isabel Cuesta

Isabel Cuesta, deputy secretary-general and director of Training, Employment and Business of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria

Isabel Cuesta, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of Training, Employment and Business of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria.

The offer to participate in the Advisory Committee of the International Campaign for the Youth Employment Decade can only be received as a bonus to continue working with and for young people in the region. We shall contribute our network of institutional and corporate relationships to promote awareness of the campaign in Cantabria and our work to generate proposals and knowledge at the service of this campaign.

As a result of the commitment to education and the experience of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria since 1986, together with the experience derived from training and employment programmes involving young people and our extensive work with entrepreneurs, we have become truly committed to young people over the last two decades; we have discovered their potential and perceived their needs and their uncertainty in each situation.

Clara Miñana

Clara Miñana
Vice-president of Youth Future Think Tank.

“We cannot allow them to call us the ‘lost generation’ because we are one of the best prepared to date. This is why I support the Pegasus project, because we have to raise public awareness regarding the seriousness of this problem. Not only is the future of the young people of Europe at risk, but also that of all European citizens”.

Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Noruega

Carmen Sanz, president of de Spanish-Norwegian Chamber

The Spanish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce was founded in Oslo at the initiative of Spanish and Norwegian businessmen in 1932. There are currently one in Norway and another in Spain. It is a bilateral Chamber of Commerce, constituted as a non-profit-making organisation with the purpose of promoting business and personal relationships between Spain and Norway. It also supports institutions in both countries (Norwegian Embassy, Spanish Embassy and their respective commercial offices). The Chamber is an active forum that favours networking and contacts at all levels. It belongs to ‘Team Norway’, together with the Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council, in addition to belonging to the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Platform

Being an association that connects two countries, the Chamber can provide Pegasus with the required level of business contacts to help attract the focus of Nordic countries to this project. In addition, this issue may benefit from the innovative viewpoint of Nordic social and labour models.

Ibon Zugasti, director of Prospektiker

Ibon Zugasti, director of Prospektiker

Prospektiker is an affiliate of the LKS Group, which employs in the range of 800 people in the professional services sector and is integrated in Mondragon, the leading Basque business group and the seventh largest in Spain. It was established in 1987 as an independent think-tank and market survey-strategic study enterprise to cater for the public and private sectors. Our activity focuses on providing advice, forward-looking and strategic long-term planning and the management of innovation and knowledge. Market surveys, an essential activity of our company, are systematic participatory processes; they are the accumulation of forward-looking intelligence and the construction of medium and long-term visions aimed at decision-making and the implementation of joint actions.

We believe, as members of this business, that we can support the Pegasus project by improving knowledge on the current and future situation of youth employment, actively participating in the research, the generation of knowledge and the exchange of good practices in youth employment.

Prospektiker will contribute its networks and contacts to identify agents and organisations of interest to the campaign, paying particular attention to the international networks of the Millennium Project and the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring. We shall also proactively contribute in drawing up proposals for various funding frameworks and in disseminating and communicating events and content through our channels and networks.