The Times Higher Education employability ranking includes three Spanish universities: Instituto de Empresa, the University of Navarre and Esade

Three private Spanish universities are among the 150 that provide the best employability prospects in the world, based on the ranking published by Times Higher Education (THE). El Instituto de Empresa (IE University), the University of Navarre and Esade classified, in this order, after a survey involving more than 5,000 human resources managers from large companies in 21 countries. In all cases, it was their respective business schools – among the most prestigious in the world – which enabled them to obtain this distinction.

The best position among Spanish universities was for IE University, which is 27th on the list. It is followed by the University of Navarre, 58, and Esade, 106. As is also the case in general research-based rankings, the institutions heading the list area from the USA and the UK. According to the survey, the people companies are seeking most are former students from Harvard. This institution is followed by Cambridge and Oxford (both in England), the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford and Princeton.

We need to reach the tenth place on the list to find one outside the UK and the USA. The University of Toronto (Canada) closes the top ten. In total, the United States contributes 39 of the 150 best universities, and the United Kingdom a dozen. France has ten of its academic institutions in the classification – three of them among the top 25 – and Germany contributes eight.