According to ‘’ youth unemployment has risen for the second quarter in a row, despite being lower than this time last year. Figures released show that unemployment among fewer than 25 is up 2% since December, but down 4.5% from this time last year. The rate of youth unemployment now stands at 22.4%. After all, we can state that the agony continues for the Irish youth.

Deputy Director of the National Youth Council of Ireland, James Doorley said that promises of a youth guarantee that would ensure work or internships for young people need to be followed through on.

“We think the Government needs to step-up its action in that area to deliver on the youth guarantee, and obviously I suppose continue to support initiates that create jobs, and not just any job, but decent jobs with good conditions for young people. We still have two and a half times the level of youth unemployment that we had before the crisis” said Mr Doorley.