Volvemos.org is a platform whose key objective is to help young people talent to return to Spain. This digital portal is trying to generate opportunities so that people who went abroad can return and develop their career potential and life plans in Spain. There was many young people few years ago that they went to find a better place to work, and today, they want to come back.

The three founders of the site, Diego, Sebastien and Raul embarked on this journey less than two months ago. Since then, almost two thousand emigrants have expressed their desire to return to their native country. Their task is to analyse the Spanish labour market in search of companies and organisations that need talented professionals and international experience. Firstly, young people who are interested must fill-in a short form and then, based on the offers that arise, the data is cross-referenced to find opportunities that match.

During a recent interview given to the daily El Español, one of the founders mentioned that the typical profile of a person visiting the site was; a young emigrant who left Spain between 2009 and 2012. Almost one in every four live in the United Kingdom, and Germany is the second most popular country. These are followed by France, Chile and Ireland.

This initiative to bring talent back has been warmly welcomed by emigrants, entities and governments, as the strategy followed by the founders is that those returning will help improve the labour framework and the perspectives of Spanish companies.

There have been many media who have come to know more about their initiative. From television, radio or newspapers, volvemos.org has had an amplifier of its objective and most of the public has embraced the idea with hope, knowing that those young people who once left the country because of the labor situation few years ago, now they may return if hopefully find work.