Sabino Arana Fundazioa‘s space hosted a seminar under the title ‘Youth Employment: experiences and future’. Big personalities of different areas of expertise take on the subject, a matter of concern for the whole world, from different points of view.

Novia Salcedo Fundation, an organization from Bilbao devoted to promote the employment on the youth, take the invitation with his most representative members. Luis Cañada, president of the fundation, acted as an introductor for the seminar with Juan Mª Atutxa, high profile of Sabino Arana Fundazioa and the italina Luca Bader, director of the Institute of European Democracies.

Seminar was divide in three bolck in which eminences and thinkers exposed their vision about emplyment. After their speechs, their answer the question of a public who fullfilled the room. They were all of different ages, from youngs seeking new opportunities to veteran representatives, all of them looking for new perspectives and ideas to attack uneployment.

The norwegian experience

Every single speech was interesting by itself, but the one from Norway ambassador Johan Vibe showed some clues about the way his country take on the youth unemployment. Even if it has, like his european neighboors, a double ratio of unemployment in youth than in general, his country has taken some measures to save the situation.

A loan system allows 18 years-old to live independently, combining work and study thanks to a Profesional Formation educational system, in which 2 years goes for academic study and 2 goes to work experiences. Vibe said that consensus between different political and economic ideas was the way his country could attain a 5% ratio of unemployment, thanks to politics to encourage well-educated workers and a conversion to green economics.

Vibe highlighted that policies can not be imported like this, but exchanges between points of view are allways welcome. Begoña Etxebarria, from Novia Salcedo fundation, focused on this, asking to “get through individualism” and “change the way of thinking, feeling and acting” to achieve a youth employment.

A ‘global work with local actions” was the synthesis of her exposition, getting loud with their comitement with Bilbao, the city they hope became the “epicenter of change”.