Novia Salcedo Foundation, la Caixa Foundation and t he Provincial Council of Bizkaia have signed a cooperation agreement to support the ‘Job Creation Model’ project, an initiative that aims to coordinate the efforts of Basque youth, companies and institutions to promote employment. About a dozen Basque companies from various industries will be participating in the design of the model along with about 40 young people, while the La Caixa Foundation will contribute € 30,000.

The project, which is part of the many initiatives within the framework of the International Campaign for the Youth Employment Decade launched by Novia Salcedo, the final aim of which is to convince the General Assembly of the United Nations to declare 2019-2028 the Youth Employment Decade as an opportunity and driving force to transform economic and social organizations and countries, will try to design an employment generation model together with businesses and young people. With this in mind, teams of young people will meet with the teams from various companies and, together, they will study the situation of the sector in which the company is operating, the situation of the company, its value chain and any potential niches and/or new jobs that could be created.

Once new needs and opportunities have been identified, the working group, comprising young people and companies, will define the technical and cross skills required to meet those needs. The teams of young people will give shape to the opportunities detected together.

La Novia Salcedo Foundation will also make the results of this project known to society, with a view to facilitating a change of social values, ​​at the Bilbao Youth Employment Forum (BYEF) to be held in November.